My Plant-Based Week
My Plant-Based Week

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Hi, I'm Milissa and my family and I have been eating a largely plant-based diet for a while now. After a lot of research, we just feel that this is the healthiest way for us to treat our bodies and guard our health, and that it's much better for the environment. We aren't perfect, and I'd say we probably hit a percentage of maybe 85-90% plant-based on a regular basis, as one of my own favorite bloggers, Megan Gilmore of Detoxinista, says, it's about what you do most of  the time, not all of of the time! While this blog started as recipe site, I've added some other content, including a Famil&Lifestyle page.


Here are some things to know:

1.) We are a Christian family. I live each day hoping to serve God and do His will.

2.) I am married to a wonderful, handsome, funny man and we have two beautiful daughters, ages almost 12 and and 5. My older daughter is a self-professed carnivore who struggles the most with our way of eating. But she does appreciate healthy food, so she tries everything and will eat most of it. My younger daughter is, overall, less picky and typically eats whatever I make. She of course gets picky sometimes, as all toddler do! My husband doesn't like red meat. I will eat almost anything qualifying as food...

3.) I believe preparing meals should be joyful and exciting, fun! So, I would welcome all of my readers to please experiment with my recipes. Prepare things according to your own tastes and don't get hung up on exact amounts! Precision is really only important in baking.

4.) I try to  plan my menus a month at a time, so here, you will find posts filled with a week's worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas and recipes. I might even throw in an occasional dessert.

5.) Take all the ingredient measurements, literally, with grain of salt...prefereably sea salt...when I really get going, it's like an episode of Saturday Night Live! I just toss stuff in gleefuly! I try to really be exact when creating a recipe but sometimes I lose track...Times can vary, too. I am not always quick in the kitchen and with two kids, I get interrupted. A lot.

6.) We like sweet stuff. While I don't use refined sugar in my kitchen, I may use more natural sugars and sweeteners than you may feel you need for your tastes. If an amount seems too much, just decrease it according to your personal liking! We are in the process of trying to decrease all sugar, even natural, consumption, so my own measurements may soon reflect that.

7.) Most of my recipes are gluten and soy-free and many are paleo-friendly and adaptable.

8.) My kids love cheese and yogurt, so I do occasionally allow that in the house. Because we operate on a strict budget, we don't dine out or get carry out often. When we do, I allow my kids to choose what they want, plant-based or not. We are not vegan.

9.) You will find no judgement here. However you choose to do your healthy eating is up to you. We feel better and get sick less eating the way we eat but food is a very personal thing, so we try to do our best but we aren't perfect. Seriously, who is, right?


Hi! I'm Milissa and my passions are healthy, mostly-plant-based food, saving money, enjoying my family, living in grace and honoring God.

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