My Plant-Based Week
My Plant-Based Week

Spark Post #2: The Second Two Weeks


So here I am at the end of four weeks using the SparkPeople app and website. I will be honest and say that the second two-week stretch has been tougher than the first. My head is still totally in the game but I am now two weeks in with a knee injury. It's not super-serious or even that painful overall but it has kept me from doing the rigorous workouts I was doing during those first two weeks.


Still, I've tried to perservere...I am doing daily stretching and strengthening exercises for both knees which are helping. I am doing ab exercises everyday and upper body weight-training three times per week. Cardio has been the hardest thing to figure out, though. I use my exercise ball and roll around and bounce on that to try to get my heart pumping but it's nothing like a fast-paced walk outside with a few jogging intervals thrown in!


The last two days, my knee was feeling great and both days I got outside and walked for 20 minutes, trying to ease back in to my routine. But, my knee started hurting again almost immediately. In addition to the exercises for the knees, I also try to do ice and heat cycles in the evenings. My next step is to see my chiropractor in hopes that maybe she can rectify this injury.


I've told many people in the past that every time I get really focused on weight loss and fitness, I either get hurt, sick or both. I get derailed and have a hard time getting back on track. So, I've been pleased by my diligence with this injury. I've not been content to sit around hoping it heals. Being proactive has been so good for me. I've continued tracking my calories and have stayed within my calorie range and have managed at least some exercise. As the cardio has been minimal, I haven't lost any more weight in the last two weeks...but I haven't gained any either. And considering we've had three dinners out in that time (one of those was a massive Asian buffet) and the ton of Halloween candy still floating around here, I am totally happy with having maintained the previous two weeks' success.


But guess what? I started in with a sore throat Thursday and while I have been functioning and getting through the days okay (I started taking Sambucol tablets and zinc lonzenges immediately!) and I did take walks the last two days, I just don't feel great. I can feel a case of bronchitis developing and that always drains me. I'm trying to keep it at bay with some home rememdies and I broke down and bought some strong decongestant but I can tell my energy is really fading. I am praying that things don't get worse!


Anyway, my commitment is still strong, and while today I plan to rest a little more than usual, I am still on track.


Here's a sample of my day the last two weeks:


Breakfast: 1 homemade buckwheat waffle spread with a bit of raw almond butter

Snack: Banana

Lunch: A large salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, edamame and homemade vinaigrette and a few brown rice crackers

Snack: 1 cup of mixed berries with plain non-dairy yougurt and a few drops of pure vanilla extract

Dinner: Homemade Creamy Potato and Vegetable Medley soup, a green salad and a small whole grain roll

Dessert/Snack: A small handful of dried cherries and a square of dark chocolate


Exercise: Knee strenghtening and stretching, cardio on my exercise ball, upper body weight-training, abs 


You can check out my first Spark post here and try SparkPeople for yourself!


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